Highly customizable Multispectral Camouflaging Solution

Nanotech meets mass production; offering a completely new approach to how we think camouflaging, concealment and deception today

Multispectral Camouflaging

Thermally shielding stickers in customized camouflage colors and patterns

New approach

Cost effective solution can be adjusted to fit any surface or object shape, replaced and repaired on-site and within minutes

Scalability potential

Disposable nanostructured foil can at any time be replaced for the newest version with improved nanostructures and future add-on features

Low-emissivity camouflaging nanostructured foil as disposable stickers for thermal shielding of armored vehicles and beyond. Adjustable to any surface- or object-shape, to be applied, repaired and replaced, on-site, within minutes


To be demonstrated and tested on the Danish Armys armored vehicles


Novel sensor technologies in dynamic modern warfare requires equally novel and dynamic countermeasures.

Mass produced nanotech offers a new flexible solutions that may challenge the status-quo


Flexible foil in tailored colors and patterns


Low emissivity stickers that can be cut to fit any shape


Highly Customizable properties

Striving to protect the people that protect us and fight for our values


New in the game, yet experienced

DECPT ApS is a spin-out from Inmold A/S with more than a decade of experience within nanostructured foils. DECPT was founded in August 2022 with the purpose of developing and exploiting nanostructured foil for defence purposes focusing on thermal and visual shielding. We are collaborating, not only with experts in Inmold, but also Danish Universities and RTOs. Our mission is to protect the people that protect us.

Jeanette Hvam
Jeanette Hvam
CEO, PhD in material science and nanotechnology.
David Sabaté
David Sabaté
R&D Engineer, polymer specialist
Marcus Craig
Marcus Craig
Student helper
    Ana Luisa de Lucena
    Ana Luisa de Lucena
    R&D student helper
    Finn Bertelsen
    Finn Bertelsen
    Board member. Retired colonel, Danish Army
    Niel Ulrik Ottesen
    Niel Ulrik Ottesen
    Chairman of the board. MBA. Attorney at law.
    Lars Nobel
    Lars Nobel
    Board member, Inmold Representative


    Resources and network is essential and significantly boosts our endeavors.

    Since incorporation, DECPT has been granted support from several sources for different activities for the final development of our potentially game-changing solution. Thank you!


    As a start-up we are constantly on the move; the path from decision to action is short so stay up-dated on our progress and other news on our LinkedIn Page

    We are always open to collaboration and more...

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